01. Strategy & Consulting

The Edit partners with you to strategize, develop and execute an integrated digital marketing, social media and content plan to achieve your business goals and help shape your brand identity.


02. Platform Management

Community engagement, thoughtful copywriting, strategically scheduled social posts and managing content is the key to a brand and / or talent’s digital success. The Edit is constantly monitoring and modifying each of your social platforms to ensure account optimization.


03. Content Creation

Creating and curating digital content is at our company’s core. Whether it be sifting to find relevant and engaging content, or producing photoshoots to capture owned media, we strive for aesthetic perfection.


04. Analytics

The Edit will track, measure and analyze your social media footprint. On a day to day basis, The Edit will closely monitor each platform’s unique community to gauge content sentiment, and share the results through our reporting.


05. Influencer Relations & Seeding

During the past decade of relationship building, The Edit has gained the trust of key influencers and tastemakers. From talent seeding to comprehensive influencer campaigns, we are able to amplify and enhance your current marketing initiatives.


06. Events

You know the saying “pics or it didn’t happen?” The Edit will attend client events and capture content to add to an arsenal of assets for your brand. Whether it be capturing a red carpet in real time, or collecting images to celebrate a new launch, we will disseminate content to achieve optimal visibility and connectedness.


07. Paid Media

Increase your social reach by targeting the ideal audience you want to interact with your content. By identifying key demographics and boosting optimal content, we can achieve prime visibility through strategic advertisements on social media.


08. Brand Partnerships

Are you a brand looking for the perfect talent partner? Are you Talent looking for the right brand collaboration? We work hand-inhand with brands and talent to create and execute ROI driven digital campaigns.